The Olde' English Shaving Shop

The Old'e English Shavingshop
Three men with one vision to supply the nobility and gentry with the finest shaving  and toilet requisites available in Victorian England.

                   EVENMOORE ALLMOODY & COBBS

We are proud to continue in their tradition of manufacturing and trading in these fine handmade articles.

A wide variety of shavingbrushes, razors, combs and hair brushes are all painstakingly hand crafted just as they were over 100 years ago.

We also offer a fine selection of toilet requisites such as shaving soaps, aftershave balms, a fine selection of hair care products and other tonics of old.

 A great Victorian thinker once said:
 "Quality is remembered long after the price has been forgotten."
Perhaps he was thinking of EVENMOORE ALLMOODY & COBBS.


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